Where are you located?
We are located in the Celebrity Theater on the third floor of the Claridge Hotel, which sits right off the boardwalk at 123 S Indiana Avenue. The Claridge is directly connected to Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino. Bally’s is neighbored by Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino on the other side.

Can I buy tickets at the theater?
At this time, tickets may only be purchased online or by phone. It’s possible that there may be exceptions and tickets will be available for purchase on-site, but we strongly recommend that you purchase ahead of time to secure your ticket.

Where should I park? 
If possible, we recommend arriving by foot or drop-off as Atlantic City Comedy Club does not have its own parking lot. Otherwise, valet parking is typically available for purchase through the Claridge Hotel, or, for the daring, there is the option of finding street parking in Atlantic City. Godspeed.

How do I get to the theater?
Enter the Claridge Hotel through the front lobby and take the elevator to the third floor. Take a right just out of the elevator and go up a short flight of stairs to the Celebrity Theater.

Are there food and drinks served in the theater?
There is drink service in the theater, but food is NOT available. However, the Vue rooftop bar and Twentie’s Italian Bistro are both located within the Claridge Hotel, and food and drink purchased at either can be brought into the theater. The Celebrity Lounge across the hall from the theater may also be open to ticket-holders for drinks before and after the show.

What’s the dress code?
You are welcome to wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable so long as you are fully clothed.

Do you have to be 21 to attend a show?
No. Age restrictions vary across shows, but 16+ is our typical recommendation. R-rated content (language, content, themes) is not uncommon for our performers, so, while those younger than the recommended age may attend shows, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the chaperone’s full discretion.  

What is your Covid-19 protocol?
If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19, suspect you may have Covid-19, or have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 within 14 days leading up to the show, please stay home! Get in touch with us and we’ll sort everything out for you! At this time, we are not mandating masks, proof of vaccination, or a negative test result for show entry. We are operating some shows at full capacity and our seating layout does not accommodate for social distancing. Should this change, we will notify ticket-holders immediately.

Can I choose my seat(s) ahead of time?
You can choose your section/tier but not your exact seat. Our seating operates on a first-come, first-served basis within the parameters of ticket tiers. If you’re hoping for a particular seat or booth or you’re concerned about your group being seated together, we recommend arriving between 20-30 minutes prior to the show’s start for the best probability.

Do you have accessible seating?
Our VIP Booths and Row Seating options are on the main floor of the theater and accessible, however Floor Table Seating (the front section) are down a short flight of stairs from the main level so may be inaccessible to people with limited mobility. If you are seeking a seat in a particular location of the theater—e.g. on the aisle—as tickets are first come, first served, we recommend arriving as early as possible to make sure you get your seat of choice. VIP Booth seats and tables are elevated off the ground a good 5 inches or so, so seating will not be accessible to people with limited mobility and a wheelchair will not align with the table.

Can I seat more than four people in a booth?
No. There is not enough space in the booth for more than four people. Additional seating cannot be added as the seats and tables of booths are elevated a good 5 inches or so off the ground so they cannot be level.

Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes! You can purchase one here!

I hear [comedian] is coming to your club, but I don’t see them on your website.
If you don’t see a performer on our calendar, that means that we are not selling tickets for their show. That could mean that the show hasn’t yet been announced, but it could also mean that we don’t have plans to bring that performer to our club. Join our mailing list or follow us on social media to hear about upcoming shows as soon as they’re announced. We are not at liberty to discuss shows that are not on our website calendar. Please don’t try to get our staff to do so.

It’s my [birthday, anniversary, etc.]. Can the comedian make an announcement?
While it means the world that you’ve elected to spend your special day with us, we are not able to accommodate requests for announcements by our staff or comedians.

I can’t use my tickets. Can you help me resell them?
No. We neither participate in nor support the reselling of our tickets. Scalping tickets outside the club or the hotel will not be tolerated. We cannot stop you from giving away your tickets, but we are happy to transfer your credit to a future show if you’re not able to attend. Please let us know if you can’t attend a show so that we can give your seats to someone else.

Can I rent a hotel room through you, and do you offer any club discounts on rooms?
No, but yes! Though we operate inside the Claridge Hotel, we are not a part of the hotel and are thus unable to provide any hotel services. That said, ticket-holders are eligible for a 10% discount on Claridge rooms with the promo code "COMEDY"! (except during peak season)!

I saw an ad about an event happening at the Claridge—is that in your theater?
Not necessarily! The Claridge Hotel offers its own excellent event programming separate from our club. You can view our calendar here to see if the event in question is on our schedule